Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Finds - 30 May 2014

This week I have a new tea-towel, a new to me vase and the Allium was a nice find in the local Aldi.

I'm becoming quite a fan of Aldi as you never know what little treasures they may have.  This week they had bunches of Alliums, 8 stems for just £3, which I reckon is a bargain.  I'm hoping they will dry out nicely, but also that I get to enjoy them in flower.  The tea-towel was also from Aldi.  The vase was from a charity shop and the book in the picture just happened to be to hand.

To this I've added kk_rest at 71% soft light and kk_cora at 58% soft light and removed some of the texture from the the Allium.

Be Still 52 - Day 2

I'm already behind!  Day 3 is up and I'm just uploading my effort for Day 2.

To this is I've added kk_waterfront28 at 49% soft light and kk_waterfront4 also at 49% soft light.  The font is Scriptina.

I have every intention of keeping up to date and catching up on Beyond Layers and Beyond Beyond, as well as Picture Process and Round Trip, but somehow things happen.....guess many of you know how that goes.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Texture Tuesday - 27 May 2014

This week the theme was free and easy, so what to do, mmmmm.  I bet you know how it goes, walk around the house, pick something up, put it down, pick something else up and then there's the I wonder......

I picked up the bottle (bought in Sainsbury's a few weeks back), pulled 3 stems of Sweet William's out of a vase, placed a little table in front of a window with white linen tablecloth and a white reflector, and snapped away from all angles.

It's turned out with a bit of a sad feeling, so I call it "Bottled Memories".  In Lightroom I applied Kim's melancholy preset.  Then in Photoshop, 1 layer of kk_cherish at 58% soft light and 1 layer of kk_written at 45% soft light, removing some of both textures from over the flowers and bottle label.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Friday Finds - 23 May 2014

I'm a bit late with this weeks find and it is a little rainbow.

I haven't added any textures.  All I have done is have a little play with Nik software to bring out the colours in the rainbow.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Texture Tuesday - 20 May 2014

This week the theme was Black and White.

I've added kk_framed 64% soft light and kk_justatouch 100% soft light.  The font is Talking to the Moon.

We all rush about to much and forget we do need to settle down and let our bodies and minds rest and recharge, so we should all find time to switch off, and how better than with a cup of fruit tea.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Be Still 52 - Day 1

And so our journey to find inner peace begins.....week 1.

My main intention for the coming year is just to enjoy what is around me and take time to sit back and be peaceful.  This image was taken on a lovely sunny Sunday morning.  The yacht was far out on the horizon and there was quite a bit of heat hazy, hence why the yacht is faint.  But it was just what I was wanting to depict Calm.....well close enough....I guess it could have done with a totally flat sea, but this is the English Channel and the tide was coming in.

I have made some basic adjustments in Lightroom....can't remember what, as I just tweaked the sliders!  In Photoshop I added 1 layer of kk_dreamit at 19% multiply, removing all the texture from the water and some in an arc around the yacht.  The fonts are Living Together and Gabriola, and the background motive behind the text is from Nymphette.

Beyond Layers - Day 7

On Day 7, Kim encouraged us to think of things that make us happy.  She also gave us a link to a very moving real life story of a mother's fight for her disabled child, which stopped me in my tracks and made me realise how lucky I am.

My photo was taken in the morning with the light from an east facing window.  To it I've added kk_simple at 70% multiply, kk_musiclovin at 55% multiply and duplicated that layer at 40% multiply.  The fonts are Freebooter Script and Kleymissky.

I bought the rose in a bunch 5 days before and the whole bunch of 10 are a real delight and make me happy.....I think whenever I feel down, I should just buy myself a bunch of flowers.